Our People

Eddie Kitchen sitting in the cockpir

Eddie Kitchen

I'm Eddie, I've been sailing on dinghy's when I was a teenager and then went to Uni to study and discovered the pull of the ocean. I've got about 20K sea miles in my log and did Day Skipper well about 20 years ago. I just love been on the water and enjoying myself. Like to give knowledge and learn from others. I won a silver medal in the 2018 Blind Sailing World Series! I have been known to make a good cheese sandwich! I'm delighted to have been elected chairman and look forward to working with my fellow trustees to promote and develop this fine charity - so come on in!!

Lofty Head shot

Lofty Simms

Lofty, or Keith to his mum, was registered blind 15 years ago and has been sailing for the last seven. Lofty has been part of a crew in the Canary Islands, Azores, Greece, Turkey and the east coast of UK. He’s also spent many a good sail on the Solent. Lofty has raced dinghies and competed in the round the Island race. He enjoys all jobs on board but his favourite is on the helm. Lofty has done a competent crew and day skipper courses, he does enjoy helping other crewmembers have a good time. He also cooks a mean bacon sandwich at a tilt and at speed in the Solent.

Colin in profile with oilskins and warm hat_preview

Colin Fowler

From an early age Colin has enjoyed having fun in and around the water. As a youngster Colin lived in Malaysia and spent many hours in the swimming pool and in the muddy rivers of the Malaysian Jungle, it’s a bit of a mystery why Colin is such a weak swimmer. Despite this Colin has a track record of allowing his passion for independence get the better of him, he’s walked off Harbour Walls and many a finger pontoon. Colin loves the freedom and level playing field aspect that yachting brings him. Colin wants & needs to feel empowered and he cooks a great curry!

Tim Sandford Head shot

Tim Sandford

Unreasonable tall and very bald, Tim has sailed since he was a boy. He is a qualified skipper for Visa-gb and has enjoyed many trips sitting back and letting his crew do the work. Tim has sailed across oceans, raced and cruised, being on the water is important to him as is working with other sailors to get the most out of every trip.

Sue Hogge

Sue Hogge

From narrow boats to sail boats I'm happiest to on, near or in the water. I love to chat to people, encourage more visually impaired sailors to join us sailing! As membership secretary I get to know everyone and enjoy a glass of whiskey with my friends after a good days sailing