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 Improving Our Communication 

‘Hello it’s Visa-gb’:   It’s good to talk, as the saying goes and it’s true we’ve not been the best at staying in touch over the past couple of years. We’ve been a bit like the reluctant teenager in their darkened room,  all that’s changing, Mum’s thrown open the curtains and it’s a lovely bright day outside and we are going get out there to enjoy it and we want you to come with us!  So what’s to be done we hear you ask?  Here are a few headlines that will tickle your interest:


Sailing trip blogs and reports, every trip will have it’s very own  ‘J K Rowling’ who’ll enthral you with tales of magic and daring do on the high seas.  Ever fancied yourself as an author or publisher? If you have get in touch and maybe we can get you to collate, re-write, edit and publish the best of series!

Advertising and promoting

Advertising and promotion will also help our comms, we’ll be getting Visa-gb dodgers to go on the boats we sail, t-shirts and fleeces will be available with the Visa-gb logos for members to wear (warning, we may need to charge for these). All we want you to do is chat to the folk on other boats, in the pub or down the bowling alley.  Let’s make it our club and be proud to wear the badge.

News letter

Sign up to get our regular newsletter pinging into your inbox, full of info, facts and fun – help us write it by sending your articles, all you have to do is sign up by registering on the site, just follow this link:


Membership, become part of the Visa-gb family.  It’s free to join! They’ll be members benefits, events both on and off the water and most importantly you’ll be doing something with like minded people and your suggestions are most welcome. For more information please follow the link to the membership page.