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Get on the Water


2018 Sailing Calendar

We currently have sailing trips between April and October in the UK

20/06/18 West Country to Scilly Isles, two weeks

Do you need experience 

 Yes & No!   First of all we need to know if you do have any experience of sailing, maybe dinghies or yachts, if you have great if you haven’t then no problem.  We’ll make sure that there is always a good mix of people on the boat so the experienced sailors can help those who just want to have a go.  Visa will  make sure that we get you on the right trip, a gentle cruise with regular stops is better for the least experienced while the ones who’ve done it before might go cross channel or do a bit of racing.   Don’t worry if you’ve never set foot on a boat before as every sailor takes great pride in helping someone new to this wonderful pastime.

What does it Cost?

We aim to make every trip good value for money, we can’t give you an exact figure but so you can budget you should reckon on between £30 & £40 per day, remember that includes all your food but not your travel to and from the boat.  Great value and we hope you agree.  Just so you know we are not in this to make money and every penny goes on the trip and no one gets paid!

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