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Our Philosophy

Visa-gb, the Visually Impaired Sailing Association  is a Not for profit Organisation run by and for  Blind and Visually Impaired members to encourage empowerment through offshore sailing


How does it work?

Visually impaired members have the opportunity to be an integral part of the crew, you’ll be steering the boat, putting the sails up, trimming, hauling lines, cooking, cleaning. You will get a taste of all the jobs required to make a sailing trip work. To settle any nerves there will be a qualified sited skipper on board to help you out.


It’s the change from our Visually Impaired Sailors being passengers to becoming the crew that sail the yacht and run the sailing trip.


When joining Visa on a sailing trip you are encourage to develop your skills, this is for both Visually Impaired and Sighted Sailors. The team make sure you’re encouraged to play a full and meaningful part and allow you to use your strengths and work on your weaknesses.


Training will be given on how to sail or to improve your sailing, you don’t need any sailing experience to be part of the Visa team.


It’s a key aspect of every trip and everyone on board all contribute to make the yacht a happy place.  Enjoying the sailing, enjoying the company, enjoying the experience – it’s what keeps us coming back!


Established by Visa’s founder, Colin Fowler, his Philosophy is to empower Visually Impaired Sailors.


Follow the link for more information on our aims and our people