Breaking News at Visa-GB, Election Special!

It’s flaming June and the heat is on so sit back read and relax!
First of all dear readers is the breaking news about changes in the captaincy of Visa-gb, your jaws will be dropping and eyebrows rising as you hear that Colin Fowler has completed his watch at the helm of the good ship Visa-gb! Ready about we cry as a new pair hands take a firm grip on the tiller to steer us through the next stage of our passage.
For ten years, as man and boy, Colin has navigated us through the sometimes rough waters of the sailing world, fighting tooth and nail for the rights of the visually impaired and creating a vessel that empowers and encourages all from our community to benefit from the joys of offshore sailing. Three loud and emotional ‘Hurrahs’ and thank yous and, as we wipe a tear from our eye, to look towards the poop deck to get our first glimpse of the new captain bathed in the sunlight of a new dawn.
So who this this new person, straight backed and confident at the helm – it’s none other than world silver medal champion, dedicated Yorkshire man and all round sailing guru, Eddie Kitchen!! So while Colin reaches for his pipe and slippers for a well earned rest below decks young Captain Kitchen will be calling the shots, trimming the sails and steering us on a new course for further success on the water.
And Captain Eddie is not alone as he is ably supported by Lofty Sims as his first Lieutenant, or in this case Vice Chairman, in running the show. The dynamic duo!
If you’ve been lucky enough to bag a berth at Blind Week then the new Visa-gb champs will be on hand to say hello and I’m sure you’ll be joining us in giving them a hearty slap on the back and many a good luck message. Whilst we’re talking about Blind Week we can confirm that the four Visa-gb boats will be wearing their new flags with pride, so find your way to Ellie B, Mintaka, Gloria and Mudlark and slip aboard for a cuppa.
I realise this may already be enough excitement but there are some days when it all happens, so we’re pleased to announce that plans are now advanced for our 2020 Scotland Flotilla. We’ve got five boats booked for April, based out of Largs and the extensive cruising grounds beckon. With 30 bunks available the space will soon be filled so tarry not and let Sue Hogge know of your interest, as they say “once they’ve gone they’ve gone”, you can email Sue at It’s just £300 for the week, plus the cost of getting there along with the occasional glass of single malt, and the dates are 18/04/20 to 25/04/20.
Enough we hear your cry, so it’s sign off time here at the mothership, thanks for reading and have a great summer.
All the best from Visa-gb

Colin in profile with oilskins and warm hat_preview
Captain Colin